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Our story is much like every other baby loss family. We planned, dreamed and hoped for a new baby to add to our growing brood. Anticipating another carefree pregnancy, our fifth, after four healthy births and four perfect babies, we had no need to expect anything less. But our bubble was broken and our dreams shattered when our fifth born child, third born son Bretton-Elijah Lucas arrived far too early on the morning of March 25th, 1996. His gentle birth changed our world forever and we will never be the same again.












Bretton's name, written on a sandy beach

on Salt Spring Island, by our dear friend Anita.


Two years later, just as we thought we were healed enough to try again, our hearts soared with the news that we were once again expecting a new baby. This time, our miracle would be born healthy and full term, we were told, because stillbirth is so rare and would never happen to a family twice. But on August 21st, 1998, our miracle became another tragedy as Ciara-Rose Kennedi slipped into our hands and broke our hearts again.  A perfect baby, with the tiniest of lips, gracing our moments together with a smile.














Ciara's name, written on a sandy beach

on Salt Spring Island, by our dear friend Anita.


Since the births and deaths of Bretton and Ciara, our lives have been a roller coaster of emotions, angst, pain, growth and healing. We are stronger than ever but the years in between have included six more losses, all early pregnancies and just as heartbreaking as our two stillbirths. Being the parents of two stillborn babies, four healthy young adults and six tiny miscarried babies defines us a baby loss family but doesn’t diminish our love for any of our children. We parent in the present and from afar. And every moment is cherished, never regretted or taken for granted. We embrace our babies as part of our unique life journey and are grateful now for the opportunity to share our path with others, with the hope of bringing healing to broken dreams and broken hearts.


Whatever brings you to the Annual Baby Steps Walk to Remember, whether you are a newly bereaved baby loss family, the grieving parents of an older child who has died at any age, for any reason or you are searching for ways to help others, please know that you are not alone and we are here to help. Send a note, give us a call or leave a message on this website so we can reach out to you as you reach for support and understanding, along with hope for a healing journey. We hope part of your journey will be walking with us for the the 11th Annual Baby Steps Walk to Remember tree lined path with us in August of 2023 in Edmonton, Alberta.




Founders and parents, Chy Salter-Roberts and Bill Roberts, along with Chelsea, Brady, Brodie and Chynna, in memory of Bretton, Ciara and our six tiny babies, Birkley, Cabriola, Cambria, Beau, Cree and Bentley.






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