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Gathering Teddy Bears

Families who experience the pain of losing a baby describe the incredible ache in their arms. To ease this, we gather new teddy bears to distribute to local hospitals and to the baby loss support programs in our community. These bears, huggable and soft, are presented to a newly bereaved family, with a note attached from the family who donated the bear. 

One bereaved family
reaching out to another. 
Here's what we you can donate:
*Brand new Teddy Bears that are brown, cream or white in color. Please NO pink, blue, yellow, green or multicolored bears.
*Bears without clothes or toys attached to them. They look so very sweet, but are not appropriate for baby loss families.
*Bears without company or organization logos.
*Bears that fit into your arms for a hug. The size should be medium or small (for tiny losses) but please no large, oversized bears.
*Bears that have a sweet smile or no smile. Anything that looks "goofy" may be offensive to a bereaved family. 
Tags to write a note to a bereaved family will be available at the Baby Steps Walk. 
Thank you for your kindness in bringing a
new Teddy Bear to the walk for another family.


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